Succession Planning & Career Development

A successful organization with sustainable growth needs to look beyond the horizon. You need to be prepared for not just the next 1,2 or 5 years- but the next 10 years too. Having the right leadership is key to ensuring that. With succession planning, an organization can form a leadership pipeline to ensure that the right candidates are identified and groomed to take on the responsibilities of higher roles and responsibilities when the time comes.

Preparing for any type of change

In any organization and business, leadership turnover is inevitable. However, that does not mean that it has to be debilitating. If an organization is prepared and manages the leadership transition well, then it can be an opportunity to not just change direction, but also strengthen its capacity and build momentum.

As an organization that takes succession management seriously, they never face situations with a response like ‘What do we do now’. Instead, its response in the face of a leadership transition would be ‘We are prepared for that’.

Not every leadership transition would be as planned. At Tuscan Consulting, we help you to ensure that the transition is orderly and successful as the organization continues to advance on its mission and priorities.

Succession management approach and solution

At Tuscan Consulting, our approach towards succession management is customized for your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. It is also beyond executive search. As part of this, the various areas that we cover include:

1. Mission Critical Roles – if left vacant these positions can pause great risk for the business.
2. Leadership Competencies
3. Talent Review Meetings
4. Step-in Candicates (Emergency Plan)
5. Potential Successors (Creating a leadership pipeline - Ready Now, Ready in 1 to 2 years, Ready in 3+ years)
6. Individual Development Plans (Coaching / Mentoring or 360 degree reviews)
7. Leadership Presentation
8. Board Presentation
9. CEO Succession
10. Communication Plan
11. Succession Metrics – Evaluation

Incumbent inputs on job description and anecdotal information, potential successors.
Succession Planning Committee provides inputs on potential successors.

CEO Succession

We go through our database to assess a CEO candidate whose profile fits the organization’s overall strategy. This is just the first step in an extensive and thorough process including assessing all potential candidates, simulations for analyzing their responses and abilities in real situations, and preparation valuable insights for the board to decide.

Career Development

We also provide development solutions for filling roles and skill gaps. Our career development services also include finding and filling organizational gaps, strategic build/buy decisions, and role-specific strategies.

Talent Review

As part of or talent review services, we provide an organization clear insight into its existing talent at all levels. This enables learning of whether succession planning is helping to create the leaders it needs.

At Tuscan Consulting, we not only help you get results- but enable you to measure them with insights and metrics as well. Being prepared for every situation- including leadership transition is key to organizational success and survival. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you do that.

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