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Companies with an effective HR Strategy have a better chance at outperforming competitors. An effective HR strategy aligns the HR function to the business strategy. Tuscan Consulting helps clients in developing and implementing an HR strategy that is aimed to attract, engage & retain top people and help them reach their full potential. We work with HR leaders in developing a clear HR roadmap, which includes an understanding of current capabilities, a set of clear priorities for future - linked to the business strategy, and a targeted approach to improve the most urgent problem areas.

An effective HR strategy needs to consider many operational HR as well as strategic talent management aspects. In each area, it is important not only to realistically assess a company’s current capabilities but also to understand the degree to which that activity will become important in the future. Using this analysis, companies can specifically invest in HR & talent initiatives to improve the areas that matter most.

Whilst there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when developing an effective HR strategy, there are 4 factors that stand out according to a research. These are:

1. Ability to rapidly mobilize talent across strategic priorities
2. Ability to create a positive employee experience
3. Ability to understand strategy and business priorities
4. Ability to support business owners in making decisions based on data-driven insights

At Tuscan Consulting, we have carefully selected a comprehensive approach to developing an HR strategy that helps in unleashing business performance.

1. Understand the business strategy
2. Prioritize HR Initiatives
3. Segment HR customers
4. Prioritize HR Investments
5. Define HR SLA’s
6. Develop HR skills & capabilities
7. Improve HR Operations
8. Measure success using HR Metrics

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