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Workplus HRMS is an all-in-one HR & Payroll Software that will help you automate your HR admin and operations. Speed up your HR administrative processes using our UAE compliant, cloud HRMS platform that is easy to use & simple to implement.

Workplus helps in managing all HR and administrative tasks from employee onboarding, records documents, leave, attendance, payroll, organization & performance management. It also comes with a Smart HR Toolkit that guides your team on compliant HR policies, processes & templates.

Organization Dashboard

Set up & generate organization structure. Overview employee statistics by job titles, departments, divisions or branches etc. Instantly generate reports that will enable presentation of organizational matrices in a simpler way. Create branches and manage employees in several locations under a single platform.

Employee Module

Save all your employee data, records and documents in one place. Access data anytime, from anywhere. Receive advance alerts to your inbox for expiry of any employee documents such as visa, passport, emirates id etc. Keep all employee records and documents up to date and avoid penalties.

Leave Module

Employees leave management is easy with Workplus HRMS. Set up leave types, carry forward, encashment and leave lapse rules as per company policy. Applying and approval leave requests using employee & manager self-service. View leave calendar & generate leave reports. View utilized and available leave balances.

Timesheet Module

Track hours spent by employees on specific projects daily. Create multiple projects and manage project costing easily using Workplus HRMS. Want to manage project timelines & submissions and work out team performances? Use the timesheets tab on Workplus HRMS to track this info. Workplus HRMS tracks the number of hours an employee or team has spent on different phases of a project. This helps plan and deliver better for future projects. Use timesheets to process monthly payroll.

Attendance Management

Whether your employees are working from your office, remotely or from client locations, Workplus HRMS provides you smart attendance management options. Use our geo location (GPS) based attendance management system for time tracking employees working from anywhere using one tap clock-in and clock-out option. We also have the option to integrate attendance using your own biometric system. Access all attendance data in real time and generate custom attendance reports.

Payroll Module

Get rid of Excel sheets & manual calculations. Workplus HRMS allows you to process payroll in minutes. You no longer need to do tedious calculations manually and waste several days on payroll preparation and calculation. Set up your payroll with Workplus HRMS and automate your complete pay process. Workplus HRMS allows you to easily integrate attendance or timesheet, calculate overtime and under time, leave pay, incentive pay, loans and other deductions. Now process error free payroll using Workplus HRMS in minutes.

Benefits of Workplus HRMS

  • Cloud Based; Workplus HRMS is a cloud-based platform with an ease of access
  • Digitization of HR Function; We intend to digitize your HR Function, so we minimalize your paper printing process hence resulting in doing good to the Environment
  • Increase Accuracy; Less of Paperwork leading to better accuracy, since Workplus HRMS does this for you digitally
  • Increased Productivity- The system generated reports helps you fill in the gaps in your productivity and increase the same.
  • Integration- Workplus HRMS can be integrated to your organization at ease.
  • Security- Above all, your data is secure with us. “Do not be worried”
Our Cloud HRMS Solution

  • 100% labour law compliant, secure and fast
  • Developed using latest browser based and mobile app technology
  • In-house solution developed by our HR Experts
  • Cost effective all-in-one HRMS solution

HRMS & Payroll Software for UAE

If your HR function suffers from messy paperwork and manual HR processes, then we have the right HRMS software solution for your organization. Our HRMS software is focused on increasing HR efficiency and reducing costs by seamless automation of HR processes and engaging your workforce. Our HRMS system has been designed with special attention to key features of speed, security, compliance and a user-friendly experience for HR and employees, at the same time ensuring a highly cost-effective solution.

Our comprehensive HRMS software is designed using latest technology and includes all HR modules like organization & workflow, workforce management, payroll, attendance & timesheet, leave, performance management, employee self-service, HR analytics & reporting. Our HRMS software is easily customizable and scalable from small sized businesses to large enterprises operating in multiple locations and countries.

Our HRMS software is first of its kind in the UAE, developed in-house by our HR Experts keeping in mind the day-to-day HR issues faced by HR professionals with HRMS & Payroll software systems. The software has been designed keeping “employees” at the centre of every HR process and is fully compliant with UAE labour laws & customizable ot any other GCC countries. Our cloud-based technology has been designed considering highest level of security protocols for client data, whilst also giving our clients an option for on premise data storage too. Our HRMS software uses the latest browser based & mobile app technology including geo location (GPS) based mobile attendance system & live reporting of employee requests. Get in touch with us today to experience seamless and fully automated HR and payroll processes.

Digital HR Transformation Services

Apart from our own HRMS product, we cater to specific HR Technology needs of organizations in all stages of growth. We help in digital HR transformation of HR fuctions using one or several technology solutions. Our services include:

1. HR Technology Evaluation & Selection
2. Project Management for Technology Implementation
3. Automation of HR Processes

Benefits of Digital HR Transformation

1. Improve employee experience
2. Boost HR efficiency & productivity
3. Reduce up to 50% operational HR costs
4. Increase accuracy in data analytics & dashboards
5. Increase agility to meet evolving business needs
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