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Our Clients

We have been trusted as a top HR consulting firm by clients throughout the Middle East. Our broad experience includes advising and consulting a variety of local and global, small scale and large scale, private and government companies.

DIB-Total Rewards
RSS-Job Descriptions-Consulting
Darkmatter compensation benefits training
ITC compensation benefits training
ADSB compensation benefits training
motherson- UAE labor law-training
Aquaplex employee remuneration training
Lulu reward consulting
ATOS benefits salary training
Adcoop salary grading consulting
Addaera Dubai Government HR Consulting
Alexion HR policy manual consulting
Alqudra grading & remuneration consulting
rosenbauer training program
TAHPI HR Outsourcing
Siemens Human Resources Training
DAT Compensation Rewards Consulting
Ewan HR Executive Search
Sidra Qatar Training
Mada Qatar Organizational Consulting
Lamprell Compensation Training
Naffco HR Training
Damac Executive Search
Aster Job Evaluation Training
AKI HR Outsourcing Specialist
Alislami Employee Survey Consulting
EagleHills HR Training
TCP HR Payroll Outsourcing Project
ICBA Organizational HR Consultancy
rit-dubai university grading and compensation benefits framework
AST HR Consultant
Pepsi Compensation Benefits HR Training
RAKP Change & Restructuring Consultancy
Nomac Global Compensation Benefits
TOA Compensation Benefits Consulting
GCIR Leadership & Employee Assessment
Skytelecom HR Policy Manual Consulting
julphar remuneration and incentive plans consultancy
NALG Employee Compensation Training
adeka hr training
ISCCO HR Restructuring
Saverglass employee salary benefits consulting
Alexion HR policy manual consulting

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