Conducting an HR Audit

The development of HR policies, processes, and practices takes significant expense and effort. It is important to find the right balance between compliance and alignment with the corporate culture. With the legal and organizational landscape being an ever-changing domain, frequent reviews are vital to keeping everything updated. An HR Audit Process helps your organization to continue with its efficient functioning without any threats in today's litigious business environment.

Why should you conduct an HR audit?

An HR Audit process is more than just a requirement for legal compliance. Our comprehensive HR Audit covers assessing all critical HR areas including the Structure, People, Systems & Processes. The HR Audit helps in identifying strengths & weaknesses of the HR function. In addition to that, the audit also allows professionals to streamline all processes and find the key risk areas of the organization. HR audits focus on staffing as well as cost savings, regulatory compliance, aligning hr to stragegy, and other HR issues.

While an HR audit can benefit the company at any stage, they are even more important after the organization goes through some major change like a restructuring or an expansion.

In a competitive environment, organizations need to adopt a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. Through assessment of the current needs and practices of a company’s Human Resources, the overall efficiency of the HR function improves. It also helps the management gain confidence in the HR function.

We provide you the best of 3rd party HR audit consultants to ensure that you are out of hot water and updated when it comes to any potential legal issues. Further, our audit process focuses on curating helpful action items, recommended resources, and timelines. All these will help you bring about a measurable change to your business efficiency and management.

How can we help:

At Tuscan Consulting, we understand the effort and expense that comes with the development of every HR process and practice. Our HR audit process focuses on:

  • Assessing the compliance of your organization with all relevant local regulations and laws.
  • Comparing the HR processes and practices of your organization (such as benefits and compensation) with other market leaders for competitiveness.
  • Alignment of HR practices across verticals - recruitment, performance management and so on- with the organization's business goals and vision.
  • Focusing on the key elements of HR - employee handbook, communication and engagement, training & development programs, etc, keeping the organization's short-term as well as long-term objectives into consideration.

An HR audit is not just a tool to find deficiencies, it is a vital element of succeeding in today’s business environment. Staying ahead of the curve is what can help you gain a competitive edge, and that is exactly what Tuscan Consulting will help you achieve.

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