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Organization Design

Organizational Issues: Slower and poor decisions, higher operating costs, duplication of work, conflicts, lack of accountability, low employee morale and engagement

How we can help:

Organization design consists of defining a formal process to integrate people, structure, process, performance metrics and rewards. With our effective organization design approach, we help companies enable strategy by understanding core organizational capabilities and then integrating the key factors around these core capabilities. We help companies in conducting detailed diagnostics and developing organization structure & governance frameworks that increase business performance.

Organization structure is an important aspect of organization design process. Key decisions include whether to design the organization structure around functions, products, geographies, customers or a matrix structure which is a combination of any of these factors. With the rise of the digital marketplace and virtual working, decentralized, team-based organization structures are increasingly disrupting old business models. More decisions on organization structure include core vs non-core activities, the breath & depth of the structure, the degree of formalization, centralization, specialization and outsourcing considerations.

An effective organization design process calls for organization structure to be supported by appropriate job titles, job descriptions, governance framework and allocated resources (i.e. workforce plan) in the right places to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Our experienced consultancy team is fully equipped to help clients with organization design, corporate governance, agile transformation, merger integration, digital organization setup and digital shared services.

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