HR Transformation Project for a Leading Property Development Company in UAE

HR Transformation Case Study for Real Estate


The Client developed an ambitious 5-year business strategy with the help of a top-notch strategy consulting firm putting it amongst the best real estate companies in the UAE. The Client were looking for an HR consultancy to transform their entire HR function to meet the needs of the new strategy & business plan when Tuscan Consulting was appointed. The scope of work included a review of the Client’s business strategy, organization design, job descriptions and workforce planning, compensation and benefits framework, HR policy & performance management framework in line with the business strategy.


Tuscan Consulting started the project with a detailed business strategy & HR review. This included meetings with management and several line managers and employees. After a detailed diagnostic & benchmarking with similar property companies Tuscan developed an organization design model with structure options for The Client. The high-level structure was followed by a detailed structure and analysis of workforce. The workforce analysis included assessment of employee skills and workforce numbers across all functions to determine overstaffing or understaffing issues and recommend optimal staffing. The organization structure was followed by a compensation & benefits benchmarking exercise and legally compliant HR policies that would allow the Client to attract and retain the right talent. Tuscan consulting also helped the client in developing a fair and consistent performance management framework to align employee performance with business strategy.


Developing employee mindset through training and communication plans to overcome resistance to change. Overcoming management resistance to transform old processes and accept new policies, processes and systems.


A transformed HR function that complemented the HR strategy and contributed to business success. A cost-effective organization structure and a lean workforce plan that helped in achieving the strategy. A compliant HR policy & competitive compensation & benefits framework to attract and retain talent. A robust performance management system to improve employee and organizational performance.

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