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Corporate Wellness / Employee Fitness Services

High productivity and engagement in the workplace require every employee to be physically and mentally fit. We design customized corporate wellness programs based on the specific needs of our clients.

Our health & fitness programs for employees include:

  • On-site Fitness Sessions
  • Stress & Anxiety Management Workshops
  • Employee Wellness Surveys
  • Yoga Classes
  • Diet & Nutrition Workshops
  • Weight Loss Competition
  • Team Building Events
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Health Assessment
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Employee Wellness Newsletters
  • Health Coaching
  • Work-Life Balance Programs
  • Pre and Post Program Evaluation

Healthy Employees = Healthy Business

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Employee wellness programs bring long term benefits for any organization including:

1. Higher productivity & positivity in the workplace
2. Higher employee morale, engagement and retention
3. Improved employer branding
4. Lower absenteeism & medical costs
5. Happier employees & happier organization

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