HR Outsourcing: Streamline Your HR Operations

We provide partial or complete HR Outsourcing Services in UAE for organizations in different stages of growth. Whether you are a small to mid-sized organization looking to reduce operational costs by outsourcing your complete HR function, or whether you are a large organization looking to partially outsource HR services to focus on your core business, we have the right solutions to assist you. Leveraging HR Outsourcing with us ensures that you're not just saving on costs but also capitalizing on regional expertise tailored to the UAE's unique business landscape.

  • Dedicated HR Services Partner
  • Telephonic and Onsite HR Support
  • HRMS Software
  • Legally Compliant Employment Contracts
  • HR Policies and Staff Handbook
  • Smart HR Toolkit
  • Payroll Processing

Benefits of outsourcing your HR Function to Tuscan Consulting

  • Save 60% on your HR costs and be legally compliant.
  • No setup cost and monthly rolling contracts.
  • Practical advice on managing any HR issues.
  • Professionally developed employment contracts and handbook.
  • All employee personal, leave and absence data in a single place.
  • A fully digital employee experience and enhanced employer brand.
  • A competent HR Team of HR Services Partners to feel your employees valued.

Our HR outsourcing services are particularly beneficial for start-ups, regional offices of multinationals, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Outsource your HR and payroll to us and focus on your core business. You will not have to worry about changes in labour laws. We will make your HR easy to manage, saving you time and money. Tuscan Consulting has an experienced team of HR Service Partners to provide professional HR outsourcing services in UAE and Middle East. We currently manage complete HR departments for reputed multinationals as well as government funded organizations. We have the capabilities to provide virtual support on day to day HR issues as well as dedicated onsite HR Service Partners to assist you in evaluating your HR programs and driving your HR strategy.

For medium and large sized businesses our broad range of outsourced HR services to select from:

Request our free resources and case studies from our happy HR outsourcing clients.

Why outsource your HR Function?

People are the cornerstone of any organization, especially in the vibrant UAE market. In this context, the Human Resources department plays a significant role, ensuring that businesses thrive and remain competitive. Many small to medium-sized business owners in the UAE get enmeshed in the intricate web of HR admin functions, diverting their attention from primary business activities. There's a growing realization, even among larger organizations, about the tangible benefits of HR outsourcing. Engaging in HR outsourcing in the UAE provides them with a streamlined approach, allowing more focus on strategic HR tasks.

For UAE-based organizations, there's a dichotomy in how they can approach their HR functions. One path involves in-house management, which, while familiar, can escalate costs over time due to the limitations in expertise. The contrasting strategy is HR outsourcing, an approach that is gaining traction. By choosing HR outsourcing services in UAE, organizations can tap into potential cost savings and avail themselves of top-tier professional services. The vast knowledge, depth of expertise, and the technological advancements a dedicated HR outsourcing firm brings to the table are often unparalleled by in-house teams. Done right, HR outsourcing in the UAE ensures service consistency and can substantially uplift the employee experience.

In the ever-evolving UAE market, HR outsourcing has emerged as more than just a trend; it's a strategic move. We recognize the indispensable role of HR outsourcing services in UAE in maintaining a business's competitive edge. By partnering with us, organizations unlock access to premier HR support and systems, helmed by seasoned professionals. While the idea of external HR outsourcing might seem intimidating, with our tailored services, it becomes a breeze.

At Tuscan Consulting, our roots run deep with over a decade of immersion in the UAE's human resources landscape. We aspire to be an extension of your in-house team, ready to undertake comprehensive HR responsibilities with finesse. By entrusting us with the intricacies of HR, businesses can channel their energies into their core functions. Our team, replete with experienced HR Service Partners, ensures we're equipped to navigate any HR challenges. From HR compliance and technology to employee services, our experience in HR outsourcing services in UAE ensures we're always a step ahead, ready to provide unparalleled support.

Professional HR support services for businessess in all levels of growth:

Dedicated Team of HR Services Partners

In the evolving business landscape of UAE, our HR outsourcing solutions stand out. We ensure dedicated HR Service Partners who are qualified and poised to manage your HR operations. With the capacity to service over 10,000 employees, our approach to HR outsourcing in the UAE is both comprehensive and tailored. These HR Service Partners are enriched by the collective knowledge and resources of our established firm.

Access to Cloud HRMS Software

Stepping into the future, we offer a robust HRMS Software tailored for businesses in the UAE. This digital platform manages the entire employee life cycle efficiently. If you're still navigating through spreadsheets for employee records, it's time to transition. Choose our HR outsourcing services in UAE to automate and optimize your HR operations in just two weeks.

Telephonic & Onsite Support Options

Our team, grounded in the ethos of HR outsourcing, maintains a standard of unparalleled professionalism. The rigorous procedures we follow for hiring and training underpin our commitment to delivering only the best consultants and team members. Serving our clients with top-tier consultants remains our unwavering goal.

Enhancing employment contracts

In the realm of HR, contract nuances are paramount. Recognizing the diverse employment contracts pivotal for UAE compliance, HR outsourcing becomes indispensable. We take charge of permanent, fixed-term, and casual employment contracts, ensuring seamless and compliant relations between you and your employees.

Legal Compliance

In the dynamic UAE market, compliant HR policies and procedures are the backbone of a successful enterprise. Our expertise in HR outsourcing services in UAE brings forth a holistic approach to ensure that these policies are not just drafted but implemented and adhered to. Rest easy knowing a comprehensive, compliant handbook, meticulously designed by our experts, will guide your HR operations.

Talent Acquisition

Navigating the recruitment maze gets streamlined with our HRMS Software. Embedded with a recruitment tracking feature, it revolutionizes your hiring process by incorporating state-of-the-art techniques and strategies, a hallmark of our HR outsourcing expertise.

Hiring and Onboarding

Tuscan's HR outsourcing services in UAE simplify the often daunting task of hiring and onboarding. We ensure meticulous management of this process, guaranteeing efficiency every step of the way.

Time and Attendance

The meticulous task of data compilation for payroll processing becomes effortless with our adept time and attendance management system. Experience reduced errors and seamless data integration with our dedicated professionals at the helm.

Payroll Processing

Relieve yourself of the exhaustive payroll processes. With our HR outsourcing expertise in the UAE, we offer an amalgamation of seasoned HR consultants and cutting-edge software. Our goal? Perfect payroll processes with zero errors.

Training and Development

Employee training is a crucial investment. We understand the intricacies and significance of this function, especially in the UAE context. With our robust support system and team, the once daunting task of training becomes smooth, efficient, and value-driven.

Performance Management

Our HR outsourcing services in UAE have transformed performance management. Leveraging our experienced professionals and advanced software, we provide a comprehensive system for performance tracking, improvement, and outcomes.

PRO Services

Understanding the indispensability of a Public Relations Officer in the UAE business environment, we've streamlined the processes. From document processing to compliance paperwork, our HR outsourcing expertise ensures smooth sailing at every juncture.

HR Analytics & HR Dashboard

Clients across the UAE vouch for our excellence in HR analytics and dashboards. Our prowess in tracking, reporting, and analyzing everything from attendance to performance and KPIs stands unrivaled. With our HR outsourcing expertise, we've integrated interactive dashboards, further enhancing user experience.

Why Outsource to Tuscan consulting?

  • One of the primary advantages of HR outsourcing services in UAE is the significant cost savings. With Tuscan Consulting, you not only benefit from reduced HR expenses but can save more than 60% on your HR costs, all while ensuring legal compliance.
  • Does managing contracts with HR outsourcing companies in the UAE feel overwhelming? We recognize the challenges of handling contracts on a monthly basis. Our solution is designed to simplify the process, eliminating setup costs and offering flexibility with monthly rolling contracts.
  • With our HR outsourcing services, you can effectively manage and address HR issues. Our team provides practical advice from seasoned HR experts at a fraction of the usual cost.
  • As part of our comprehensive HR outsourcing in the UAE, we create and develop professional handbooks and employment contracts, helping to minimize errors in implementing HR policies.
  • Tracking employee attendance, from presence to absence and personal leaves, can be a daunting task. However, with Tuscan's HR outsourcing, it becomes seamless and efficient.

  • When it comes to HR outsourcing in the UAE, Tuscan Consulting stands out for our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and compliance. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

    Navigating the ever-evolving rules and regulations of a dynamic market like the UAE can be challenging. By partnering with us for your HR outsourcing needs, you're always a step ahead, safeguarding your business from potential pitfalls.

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