Workplus HRMS: The HR Software for Modern Organizations in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Workplus HRMS, a comprehensive HR management software designed to transform the way organizations in Saudi Arabia manage their HR operations. HR Software in Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of modernizing human resource management practices. This evolution is characterized by the adoption of professional HR solutions that cater specifically to the Saudi Arabian workforce. These systems, including prominent ones like Workplus HRMS, are enhancing efficiency in key HR functions such as recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement. By aligning with Saudi labor laws and understanding the unique cultural dynamics, HR Software in Saudi Arabia is proving essential for businesses looking to optimize their HR operations and drive strategic growth.


Core HR Module:

Workplus HRMS provides a centralized platform to manage employee information, organizational structure, and employee lifecycle processes. With this module, Saudi organizations can efficiently handle employee data, track employee records, and maintain accurate employee profiles. HR Software in Saudi Arabia, like Workplus HRMS, is revolutionizing HR management with its comprehensive suite, tailored for the unique workforce dynamics in the region.

Key features of the Core HR module include:

  • Employee Database

    : Maintain a comprehensive employee database with detailed employee profiles, contact information, and employment history.

  • Organization Hierarchy

    : Create and manage the organizational structure, including departments, divisions, and teams.

  • Employee Lifecycle Management

    : Streamline employee onboarding, transfers, promotions, and offboarding processes.

  • Document Management

    : Store and manage employee documents, such as contracts, certifications, and performance evaluations. Document management system in our HR Software in Saudi Arabia is crucial for maintaining compliance with stringent documentation requirements.

  • Employee Directory

    : Access an organized employee directory with quick search and filtering capabilities.

An all-on-one HR software for your Saudi Arabia workforce
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Attendance Management Module:

Workplus HRMS simplifies the tracking of employee attendance and ensures accurate time and attendance records. Saudi organizations can effectively manage employee working hours, shifts, and leave requests using this module. The advanced attendance and leave management modules of HR Software in Saudi Arabia significantly enhance operational efficiency, as exemplified by Workplus HRMS.

Key features of the Attendance Management module include:

  • Time Tracking

    : Record employee clock-in and clock-out times to track working hours accurately.

  • Shift Management

    : Define and assign shifts to employees based on their schedules and job roles.

  • Leave Management

    : Streamline leave requests, approvals, and tracking, while maintaining accurate leave balances.

  • Overtime Calculations

    : Automatically calculate and track overtime hours for accurate payroll processing.

  • Real-Time Attendance Monitoring

    : Access real-time attendance data, generate attendance reports, and track employee attendance trends.


Leave Management Module:

Workplus HRMS simplifies the process of managing employee leaves and ensures compliance with leave policies and regulations in Saudi Arabia. This module allows organizations to define leave types, set up leave entitlements, and streamline leave requests and approvals. Advanced leave management features in our HR Software in Saudi Arabia align with diverse cultural and local leave requirements.

Key features of the Leave Management module include:

  • Leave Types and Policies

    : Define various types of leaves, such as annual leave, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave, with customizable policies.

  • Leave Entitlements

    : Set up leave entitlement rules based on employee tenure, job levels, or other criteria.

  • Leave Requests and Approvals

    : Employees can easily submit leave requests through the self-service portal, and managers can review and approve them online.

  • Leave Balance Tracking

    : Track leave balances in real-time, ensuring accurate leave calculations and preventing leave policy violations.

  • Leave Calendar

    : Visualize employee leaves and availability with an interactive leave calendar, simplifying workforce planning and scheduling.


Employee Engagement Module:

Workplus HRMS focuses on fostering a positive work environment, improving employee satisfaction, and promoting collaboration among employees in Saudi organizations. This module includes features that encourage communication, recognition, and social interaction. With our HR Software in Saudi Arabia organizations can experience a paradigm shift in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Key features of the Employee Engagement module include:

  • Social Feed

    : Provide a platform for employees to share updates, news, and engage in discussions within the organization.

  • Employee Recognition

    : Enable employees to recognize and appreciate the contributions of their colleagues, boosting morale and motivation.

  • Surveys and Feedback

    : Conduct employee surveys to gather feedback and insights, allowing organizations to address concerns and improve employee satisfaction.

  • Announcements and Notifications

    : Share important company announcements, policy changes, and reminders through the Employee Engagement module, ensuring effective communication and keeping employees informed.

  • Collaboration Tools

    : Facilitate collaboration and teamwork through features like group chats, project boards, and document sharing, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of belonging.

An all-on-one HR software for your Saudi Arabia workforce
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Tasks Management Module:

The Tasks Management module of Workplus HRMS empowers organizations in Saudi Arabia to effectively manage and track tasks, projects, and deadlines. This module provides a centralized platform for task assignment, progress tracking, and collaboration. Task management capabilities in our HR Software in Saudi Arabia empower teams with enhanced productivity.

Key features of the Tasks Management module include:

  • Task Assignment

    : Assign tasks to individuals or teams, set deadlines, and define task priorities.

  • Task Tracking

    : Monitor the progress of tasks, track completion status, and receive notifications for upcoming or overdue tasks.

  • Task Collaboration

    : Enable team members to collaborate, share updates, and communicate within the task management interface.

  • Task Analytics

    : Gain insights into task performance, identify bottlenecks, and analyse task completion times to improve productivity.

  • Task History and Documentation

    : Maintain a record of task activities, including comments, attachments, and revisions, for future reference.


Workforce Planning & Project Costing Module:

Workplus HRMS assists Saudi organizations in effectively managing their workforce allocation, resource planning, and project costing. This module provides valuable insights into resource availability, project timelines, and cost estimation. Organizations are leveraging HR Software in Saudi Arabia for strategic workforce planning and project costing.

Key features of the Workforce Planning & Project Costing module include:

  • Resource Allocation

    : Allocate employees to specific projects, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and balanced workloads.

  • Project Timeline Management

    : Visualize project timelines, milestones, and dependencies, enabling efficient project planning and tracking.

  • Cost Estimation

    : Estimate project costs based on resource allocation, hours spent, and associated expenses.

  • Project Budgeting

    : Set project budgets, track actual expenses, and compare them against planned budgets for better cost control.

  • Resource Analytics

    : Generate reports and analytics on resource utilization, project profitability, and resource allocation efficiency. Advanced analytics in our HR Software in Saudi Arabia assist companies in making data-driven HR decisions.


Onboarding Management Module:

Workplus HRMS streamlines the process of welcoming and integrating new employees into Saudi organizations. This module provides a structured onboarding framework, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires and helping them become productive quickly. The onboarding module in our HR Software in Saudi Arabia is transforming employee induction experiences.

Key features of the Onboarding Management module include:

  • Onboarding Checklist

    : Create a customizable checklist of tasks and activities that new hires need to complete during their onboarding process.

  • Digital Offer Letters

    : Generate and send digital offer letters to new employees, ensuring quick and efficient onboarding.

  • Task Assignment

    : Assign onboarding tasks to relevant stakeholders, such as HR managers, team leaders, and IT administrators.

  • Progress Tracking

    : Monitor the progress of onboarding tasks and ensure that new hires complete them in a timely manner.

  • Employee Orientation

    : Provide new employees with important information about the organization's culture, policies, and processes through orientation materials and resources.

An all-on-one HR software for your Saudi Arabia workforce
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Performance Management Module:

The Performance Management module of Workplus HRMS enables Saudi organizations to effectively manage employee performance, set goals, conduct performance reviews, and provide continuous feedback. This module promotes a performance-driven culture, encourages employee development, and aligns individual goals with organizational objectives. HR Software in Saudi Arabia, particularly Workplus HRMS, aligns with the region's vision for a performance-driven workforce through robust performance management systems.

Key features of the Performance Management module include:

  • Goal/KPI Setting

    : Define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for employees.

  • Performance Reviews

    : Conduct regular performance reviews and evaluations, facilitating open and constructive discussions between employees and managers.

  • Rating and Rewards

    : Implement a rating system to assess employee performance and link performance outcomes to rewards and recognition.

  • Continuous Feedback

    : Enable ongoing feedback and coaching between managers and employees, fostering professional growth and improvement.

  • Performance Analytics

    : Generate performance reports and analytics to identify high performers, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions regarding performance management strategies.


Payroll Management Module:

The Payroll Management module of Workplus HRMS simplifies and automates the payroll processing for Saudi organizations, ensuring accurate and timely salary calculations, tax deductions, and compliance with labour laws. Workplus HRMS, a leading HR Software in Saudi Arabia, introduces new levels of payroll processing accuracy and compliance with Saudi labor laws.

Key features of the Payroll Management module include:

  • Salary Calculations

    : Automate the calculation of employee salaries, taking into account various factors such as working hours, overtime, leaves, and deductions.

  • Tax Management

    : Handle tax calculations and deductions in accordance with Saudi Arabia's tax regulations, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

  • Payroll Reports

    : Generate comprehensive payroll reports, including salary summaries, tax reports, and employee earnings statements.

  • Direct Deposit

    : Facilitate direct deposit of salaries into employees' bank accounts, eliminating the need for manual distribution of pay checks.

  • Statutory Compliance

    : Stay up-to-date with labour laws and regulations related to payroll processing, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.


Mobile Application:

Workplus HRMS offers a mobile application that empowers employees and managers in Saudi organizations to access HR and self-service features on the go. With the mobile app, employees can view their profiles, submit leave requests, access pay stubs, and stay connected to important HR processes. Mobile application of our HR Software in Saudi Arabia act as game-changers for HR accessibility in the dynamic workforce.

Key features of the mobile application include:

  • Employee Self-Service

    : Enable employees to update personal information, view attendance records, apply for leaves, and access important HR documents.

  • Manager Self-Service

    : Empower managers to view team information, approve leave requests, access performance reviews, and initiate HR workflows.

  • Push Notifications

    : Send important HR updates, reminders, and notifications directly to employees' mobile devices, ensuring timely communication.

  • Mobile Attendance Tracking

    : Allow employees to clock in and out, record breaks, and track attendance using the mobile app, providing flexibility for remote work or field operations.

  • Mobile Document Access

    : Provide secure access to HR documents, policies, and company announcements through the mobile app, ensuring information availability anytime, anywhere.

An all-on-one HR software for your Saudi Arabia workforce
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Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal:

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal of Workplus HRMS empowers employees in Saudi organizations to manage their HR-related tasks and access relevant information independently. Through the self-service portal, employees can view and update personal information, access pay slips, apply for leaves, and track their attendance. Our HR Software in Saudi Arabia is setting new standards for managing employee lifecycle processes.

Key features of the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal include:

  • Personal Information Management

    : Allow employees to view and update personal details, emergency contacts, and banking information.

  • Leave Management

    : Enable employees to apply for leaves, view leave balances, and track leave history through the self-service portal.

  • Pay Slip Access

    : Provide employees with secure access to their pay slips, allowing them to view and download their earnings statements.

  • Attendance Tracking

    : Allow employees to view their attendance records, check in and out, and review attendance summaries.

  • Training and Development

    : Provide employees with access to training resources, course catalogues, and self-paced learning modules through the self-service portal.

Workplus HRMS stands out as a quintessential example of the evolution in HR Software in Saudi Arabia, offering a comprehensive suite of modules designed to optimize HR operations in Saudi organizations. Our software covers a broad spectrum of HR modules, from Core HR to advanced areas like Attendance Management, Leave Management, Employee Engagement, Tasks Management, Workforce Planning & Project Costing, Onboarding Management, Performance Management, Payroll Management, Mobile Application, and Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal. Each module is developed to address specific HR needs, empowering organizations to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and foster a positive employee experience. Our HR Software in Saudi Arabia is increasingly focusing on comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of HR management, demonstrating an all-encompassing approach to modern HR challenges in Saudi organizations. Furthermore, the emphasis on user experience and productivity signifies a trend towards software that not only meets diverse HR needs but also enhances employee engagement and streamlines organizational processes. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and alignment with the latest HR technology trends, Workplus HRMS is the ideal HR management solution for Saudi organizations seeking to leverage technology to drive their HR strategies forward.

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