Workplus Attendance - Simplified Time & Attendance Management

Track & manage attendance using our desktop or mobile app. We empower organizations to adopt Work From Home (WFH) and Hybrid Work Models using advance attendance tracking features like selfie, geo-fencing & location tracking. Workplus Attendance supports high growth and round the clock sales focused organizations simplify attendance and shift management.

Workplus Attendance Features:

  • Shift Scheduling
  • Payroll Linked
  • Leave and Time-Off Tracking
  • Client/Field/Visit Attendance Tracking
  • Overtime Record & Calculations
  • Late Remarks & More
  • Integrate biometric devices

Hassle free error-less attendance so your month-end are not spent on crazy long hours or compiling, searching, and recording.
Take a sneak-peak of how we do it below:

  • Marking attendance on your screen with the clock in tab
  • Clock out and rush home, easy visibility of hours and calculations
  • Be there on time, late remarks will show in read
  • Apply for Time-In-Lieu, the description is visible your managers

  • Admins, HR, Managers, Team-Leaders- Tracking all employees time-in and out is all on one screen
  • Download or View Monthly Timesheet without sweating it
  • Linked to Payroll with remarks of overtime and time in lieu for errorless salary processing


What more? It can be integrated with biometric systems, existing software’s & hardware’s through API’s and is totally customisable to your needs and preferences. An online based solution that does not need visits to implement, fix or integrate. So, rest in your chair while we assist to you automate!

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