Boost Employee Performance with Workplus: Setting Goals, Tracking KPIs, and Driving Results!

Workplus Perform helps in improving individual & organizational performance. Digitize your complete performance management process from setting goals & KPIs, assigning competencies, continuous performance feedback, interim & annual appraisals, annual rating & reports as well as linkage with learning & reward.

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Workplus Perform. Empower, motivate & engage employees to achieve organizational goals by managing and improving individual performance & productivity.


Performance Planning: Set Goals / KRAs / KPIs:

Workplus Perform helps in easily setting & tracking performance goals / KRAs or KPIs. Cascading organizational goals to individual employees and tracking its achievement is an important part of realizing organizational strategy. Workplus Perform helps in planning as well as monitoring employee performance and provides key insights to managers to take timely action.

Whilst it is important for organizations to measure achievement of performance goals, it is equally important to ensure employees demonstrate the right behaviours (competencies) to achieve the goals in line with organizational values. Workplus Perform also assists easily assigning & evaluating competencies as an important factor to provide a holistic view of employee performance management to your organization.

  • Set SMART Objectives / Goals / KRAs / KPIs
  • Assign competencies
  • Assign weightage to Objectives & Competencies
  • Set review frequency


Performance Reviews: Continuous Feedback, Performance Appraisal & Rating

Managers can conduct regular feedback sessions and record feedback and progress inputs through Workplus Perform making the entire performance management process interactive for employees and managers. Employees can conduct periodic self-appraisals based on the performance review frequency set by the organization. Managers and conduct performance appraisals and provide ratings and feedback.


Performance Reports & link to Learning & Rewards

Workplus Perform generates insightful reports during and at the end of the performance cycle to help your organization in making informed decisions and take corrective actions where needed as well as celebrate success. Workplus Perform is equipped to design custom Learning & Individual Development Plans for employees at the end of the performance cycle and help employees in realizing their potential.

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