Zeitgeber Time

Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms and their connection to environmental cues like light and darkness. Zeitgeber Time is a term used in this field. It refers to the hour of day when a living being is presented to an improvement that assists with synchronizing its interior natural clock with the outer climate. Light is the primary zeitgeber for humans, and early morning exposure to bright light is known to reset the circadian rhythm, our internal clock that controls our sleep-wake cycle.

Understanding the concept of zeitgeber time can be helpful when designing work schedules that are in sync with the body's natural rhythms in the workplace. Better performance and productivity can result, for instance, from scheduling early morning meetings or tasks that call for intense concentration at a time of day when employees are most alert and focused. On the other hand, scheduling these activities in the late afternoon, when employees are typically less alert, may result in lower productivity and performance.

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