Year-End Bonus

A year-end bonus is a bonus that employees get at the end of the year to thank them for their hard work and commitment to the company. This bonus, which is typically given in addition to the employee's regular salary and is frequently decided based on things like performance, attendance, and the profits of the company, is typically given. Companies can encourage their employees to continue performing at a high level in the future by giving them a year-end bonus to demonstrate that their employees' efforts are valued and appreciated.

Year-end bonuses are common in the UAE and the GCC and are frequently regarded as an essential component of an employee's compensation package. To encourage talented employees to perform at their best throughout the year and to attract and retain talented employees, many businesses in the region offer year-end bonuses. Year-end rewards in the district can go from a couple hundred to a few thousand dirhams, contingent upon the organization's size and the employee’s situation.

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