Work Permit

An official document that grants foreign nationals’ permission to work in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC nations is called a work permit, also known as a labour card. Before beginning employment in the region, non-citizens are required by law to obtain a work permit. The country's Ministry of Labour issues the work permit, which is valid for a predetermined amount of time, typically linked to the length of the employment contract.

To get a work grant, the employee and the employer should present the fundamental reports to the Service of Work. A copy of the passport, a residency visa, an employment contract, and a medical fitness certificate are typically the required documents, though this can change from country to country. When the application is handled, the work grant is given, and the employee can begin working lawfully.

Employers are guaranteed to adhere to labour laws and legal protections for foreign workers through the work permit system. The contract stipulates that employers must adhere to the working conditions and pay the prevailing wages. Inability to consent to these necessities can prompt fines and other legitimate punishments.

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