United Arab Emirates Vision 2071

The UAE Vision 2071 is a drawn-out improvement plan that expects to change the UAE into an information-based economy and a centre for development and innovativeness. The vision was sent off in 2017 and expects to expand on the accomplishments of the UAE Vision 2021. The UAE's prosperity and leadership for future generations are the main goals of the UAE Vision 2071.

There are four main pillars to the UAE Vision 2071: society, people, knowledge, and the economy. The goal of the people is to improve the abilities and skills of UAE citizens and residents. Based on the tenets of fairness, equality, and social responsibility, the goal of the society pillar is to create a society that is tolerant and cohesive. A world-class knowledge-based economy that encourages research, innovation, and creativity is the goal of the knowledge pillar. Diversifying the UAE's economy and ensuring long-term economic growth are the goals of the economy pillar.

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