Succession Planning

Progression arranging is the most common way of distinguishing and creating workers the expected inside an association to fill key positions of authority later. It is an important part of human resource management because it helps keep things stable during times of change and ensures that the organization's operations continue.

Organizations in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are recognizing the significance of succession planning and the need to maintain a pool of potential leaders. Identifying key positions within the organization, evaluating the skills and competencies required for those positions, and developing employees who have the potential to fill those positions in the future are all components of succession planning. In addition, it entails developing a strategy for the smooth transition of leadership, which includes determining knowledge and skill gaps and filling them with training and development programs.

A successful succession planning strategy not only ensures the organization's operations will continue as usual, but it also contributes to the retention of top talent and inspires employees to improve their leadership abilities.

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