Qualitative Research

A method of research used to investigate and comprehend people's beliefs, values, experiences, and opinions is qualitative research. Through methods like interviews, focus groups, and surveys, qualitative research is frequently used in HR to collect data on employee attitudes, perceptions, and experiences. The factors that influence employee behaviour and performance, such as job satisfaction, motivation, and organizational culture, can be better understood through this kind of research.

Organizations seeking to comprehend the distinctive cultural and social factors that influence employee behaviour and engagement in the UAE, GCC, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) rely heavily on qualitative research. HR professionals can develop more efficient HR strategies that are tailored to the local context and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of their employees by conducting qualitative research.

In general, HR professionals in the UAE, GCC, and KSA can use both qualitative research and quantitative analysis to their advantage. HR professionals can combine these approaches to collect quantitative data as well as qualitative insights to make well-informed decisions that support employee well-being and enhance organizational performance.

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