Immigration alludes to the most common way of entering and dwelling in an unfamiliar country fully intent on settling there forever or briefly. Immigration laws and policies are especially important to employers looking to hire foreign workers in the human resources field. The UAE, GCC, and KSA have explicit immigration rules and guidelines that businesses should agree with. Businesses should guarantee that their unfamiliar employees have the vital documentation and visas to work legitimately in the nation, and they should likewise follow the important cycles for getting work grants, residency visas, and other essential records.

Foreign workers can obtain a variety of visas in the UAE, GCC, and KSA, including investor, residence, and employment visas. The worker's nationality, qualifications, and employer sponsorship all play a role in determining the specific requirements for each visa category. As failure to abide by immigration laws can result in legal penalties and fines, employers must ensure that they understand the specific visa requirements for each foreign worker they hire.

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