Family Visa

A type of residency permit that allows the family of an expatriate worker to join them in the UAE, GCC, or KSA is known as a family visa, and it is also known as a dependent visa. The spouse, children, and occasionally the parents of an expat who is living and working in the country are eligible for this kind of visa. To apply for a family visa, the support (i.e., the expat specialist) should meet specific rules, including least compensation necessities and confirmation of relationship to the family member(s) being supported.

The family members will be permitted to reside and work in the country for the duration of the sponsor's visa once it is granted. This implies that they will approach similar advantages and administrations as the support, including medical care, education, and different conveniences. However, it is essential to keep in mind that family visas are typically only valid for one to three years and are not permanent residence permits.

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