Critical Illness

Employees who are afflicted with critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure can take advantage of critical illness insurance, a type of insurance policy. When a critical illness is diagnosed, this kind of insurance gives the policyholder a lump sum of money. This money can be used to pay for medical bills, lost wages, or other costs related to the illness.

Critical illness insurance is an important benefit that employers should think about providing to their employees in the UAE, GCC, and KSA. Having this kind of insurance can help employees and their families through difficult times because of the rising costs of healthcare and the rising number of critical illnesses.

As part of a comprehensive benefits package, employers can provide critical illness insurance to attract and retain talent. In addition, providing this benefit can support a positive company culture and demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. Offering critical illness insurance as a benefit sponsored by the employer can frequently be more cost-effective and offer better coverage options than offering it to employees on their own.

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