Attestation is the process of obtaining official verification from relevant authorities to verify the authenticity of a document or certificate. For a wide range of documents, including marriage certificate, employment contracts, and certificates of education, attestation is required in the United Arab Emirates. There are several steps involved in attestation, some of which may vary based on the kind of document and the nation from which it was issued. Usually, the process includes getting the document authenticated by the relevant authorities in the issuing country, trailed by confirmation at the UAE consulate in that nation, lastly validation by the UAE Service of International concerns.

In the United Arab Emirates, attestation is an essential step in gaining legal status and recognition for various personal and business documents. Documents may not be considered valid or legal without proper attestation, which can pose significant issues for individuals and businesses.

It is important to note that the UAE, GCC, and KSA may have different attestation requirements and procedures.

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