Streamlining jobs and compensation benefits strategy for a large multinational Retail Group

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Scope of Services:

One of the largest retail conglomerates in the GCC with over 40,000 employees worldwide invited Tuscan Consulting to review its HR infrastructure. The overall scope of services included a review of the Group’s job roles in three major divisions including Retail, Logistics and Regional Offices in order to develop organization structures, job descriptions, review workforce planning and develop a grading and compensation benefits framework for all roles across the Group.

Our Approach:

Tuscan Consulting conducted a detailed study of the Group’s Retail & Logistics Operations. At the start of the study the Group had over 950 job roles scattered across several divisions. Tuscan conducted a job analysis exercise over a period of 2 months engaging employees and line managers and streamlined all jobs across the group to 90 unique job roles. All job roles were than evaluated using a worldwide job evaluation method to develop a fair & consistent grading structure. An external compensation & benefits benchmarking exercise was conducted comparing the remuneration with similar organizations & a detailed compensation benefits framework was implemented across the Group.


Data collection and analysis was a challenge due to the sheer large size of the organization. Our consultants had to dig through job data scattered across the group. Consensus and decision making was another challenge that had to be overcome as decisions were consented and approved by several directors across different divisions.


Identification of cost leakages and substantial cost savings due to streamlining job roles across the group and eliminating overlap and duplication of work / job roles. A competitive remuneration framework also positioned the Client to attract and retain talent.

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