Improve Employee & Organizational Performance


Managing and improving employee & organizational performance is a key factor for any organization that wishes to stay ahead in the game and achieve its business strategy.

A lot has been changing in the world of performance management recently. Digital disruption & economic uncertainty are realities that are forcing organizations across the GCC to be more effective and agile than ever before. Managing and improving employee performance is a key factor for any organization that wishes to stay ahead in the game and achieve its organizational strategy. Our recent work with several organizations across the GCC has found that organizations are changing the way they manage performance.

From a traditional tick box appraisal system, organizations are finding ways to manage performance more effectively and naturally. The focus is changing towards creating a performance culture which is underpinned by more frequent and simpler performance reviews, continuous coaching & real-time feedback to improve performance and address performance issues whilst focusing on improving future performance instead of evaluating past performance. Here we take a look at some of the latest best practices in performance management which will give you an idea if your organization has any roadblocks in managing employee performance and if you should be revamping your performance management policy & system to improve employee and organizational performance.

At Tuscan Consulting we assist organizations in building a performance culture through:

  • A robust performance management framework and policy.
  • Performance management tools (including PMS software).
  • Training line managers in setting goals / KPIs, providing feedback & conducting performance reviews.
  • Training HR teams to implement performance management.


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