United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Agenda

The UAE National Agenda is a comprehensive plan for sustainable growth and progress in the country's various sectors. It was established in 2015 with the intention of realizing the UAE Vision 2021. There are six main areas of focus on the National Agenda: medical care, schooling, economy, framework, society, and equity. These regions have explicit focuses to be accomplished by 2021.

The objective of the healthcare priority is to guarantee citizens' and residents' healthy lifestyles and high-quality healthcare services. The instruction need means to give a top-notch school system that addresses the issues of the work market and creates imaginative and educated people. The goal of the economy priority is to diversify the economy away from oil and achieve sustainable economic growth. The goal of the infrastructure priority is to provide modern and effective utilities, housing, and transportation infrastructure. Social welfare, community participation, and social cohesion are the goals of the society priority. The equity needs plans to lay out a fair and secure society with a fair and viable overall set of laws.

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