Residence Visa

A document known as a residence visa allows a foreign national to legally reside in a country for a predetermined amount of time. Expat workers who want to live and work in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC nations must obtain a residence visa. The home visa is commonly supported by the ostracizes boss or a relative who is a resident or long-lasting occupant of the country.

The home visa is generally given for a time of one to three years and is sustainable upon termination. A residence visa application and supporting documentation, such as a valid passport, a health certificate, and proof of employment or financial support, are typically required, though the process varies from country to country.

Expat workers who want to legally work and live in the UAE and other GCC nations must have a valid residence visa. Fines, deportation, and other legal repercussions can result from failing to obtain a valid residence visa.

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