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Top 10 Cloud HR Software in UAE

In the multifaceted business ecosystem of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), selecting the right HR software is pivotal. The choice hinges on a myriad of factors such as customization, scalability, integration capabilities, compliance with local regulations, and user-friendliness. Moreover, the software's ability to provide insightful analytics and automate routine tasks can dramatically shape a company’s HR strategies. In this guide, we explore the top 10 HR software platforms in the UAE beginning with Workplus HCM, and then each catering to diverse needs and offering distinctive features. Understanding these offerings can enable businesses to make an informed and strategically sound decision tailored to their unique requirements.

In this definitive guide, we delve into the top 10 HR software available in the UAE. These software options have been designed to cater to the distinctive needs of various organizations, from small startups to multinational corporations.

1) Workplus HCM

About the Platform:
Workplus HCM is a cloud HR platform designed to meet the complex needs of modern organizations. Workplus HCM stands as a comprehensive HR management software designed with an unwavering focus on customization, automation, and efficiency. Recognizing the intricacies of HR operations, the team behind Workplus HCM has crafted a system that streamlines tasks, minimizes inaccuracies, and enhances the overall employee experience. As an all-in-one HR software, Workplus HCM offers powerful data analytics and offers an array of features tailored to simplify HR management across different organizational structures. Workplus HCM is customized for labor law compliance UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait. With a robust track record in delivering excellence, Workplus HCM emerges as a platform worth considering for those seeking innovation and reliability in their HR journey.

Key features:

  • Core HR

  • Performance Management

  • Onboarding Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • UAE WPS Payroll

  • Leave Management

  • HR Planning & Budgeting

  • International Payroll

2) Oracle HCM Cloud

About the Platform:
Oracle HCM Cloud redefines what is possible with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based hr software solution. It offers a modern platform designed to empower organizations through advanced workforce modeling, seamless collaboration, and robust analytics. With flexibility at its core, Oracle HCM Cloud adapts to local regulations, providing businesses with tailor-made solutions that address specific HR challenges.

Key features:

  • Core HR & Payroll

  • Talent Management

  • Workforce Management

  • Workforce Rewards

3) ADP

About the Platform:
As a global pioneer in HR software solutions, ADP delivers wide-ranging services encompassing payroll, talent management, HR outsourcing, and more. It's a solution that grows with businesses, enabling them to focus on what matters most. From recruitment to retirement, ADP's cloud-based offerings facilitate a more productive and engaged workforce, meeting the unique needs of industries across the globe.

Key features:

  • Leave & document management

  • Performance management

  • Mobile applicationt

  • Organizational charts

  • Multiple-currency payroll

  • Automated calculations


About the Platform:
The winner of the San Fransisco Global Codie Awards 2019, peopleHum is a one-view integrated HR management software in UAE. With its people-centric approach, peopleHum’s extensive platform minimizes the concerns of its users and customers to better prepare their company for the future of work.

peopleHum is also available in Arabic and English language, a feature that best suits the requirements of an HR software in Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Middle East regions.

Key features:

  • Hire

  • Perform

  • Manage

  • Engage

5) SAP SuccessFactors

About the Platform:
SAP SuccessFactors represents a next-generation HCM software suite. It's not just about connecting core HR and payroll but building an agile and efficient workforce through comprehensive talent management, people analytics, and strategic planning. SAP SuccessFactors delivers solutions that are cloud-based, flexible, and designed to help businesses drive results by unleashing the full potential of their people.

Key features:

  • Employee experience management

  • Core HR payroll

  • Talent management

  • HR Analytics & workforce planning


About the Platform:
Humantiz provide HR software solutions for every demand of an organization, from payroll processing, benefits management, and labour law compliance to training management, performance reviews, work schedules, employee onboarding, engagement surveys and analytics tools to manage the employee lifecycle through their integrated suite of cloud-based HR modules. These tools for HR management, payroll management and time tracking boosts the productivity of employees and help the company save on overhead costs while achieving greater output.

Key features:

  • Employee Attendance management system

  • Leave management

  • Core HR Software

  • Payroll management system

  • Performance management


About the Platform:
Zoho People is more than just an HRMS platform; it's a comprehensive solution designed to manage and access all employee data from a centralized hub. Whether it's performance management, corporate learning, or time tracking, Zoho offers a wide spectrum of modules suited for various sizes of companies. With a global presence and 45+ integrated business apps, Zoho People presents a versatile and interconnected HR sofware solution for modern HR management.

Key features:

  • Employee Management

  • Onboarding

  • Performance Management

  • Corporate LMS

  • HR Analytics

  • Timesheets

8) Sage HRMS

About the Platform:
Sage HRMS stands as an all-encompassing platform for human resources and payroll. Known for its scalability and adaptability, Sage provides tools that not only support core HR functions but also extend into areas like risk mitigation and compliance. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set make it a suitable HR software solution for businesses of different sizes, meeting local regulatory requirements across regions.

Key features:

  • Payroll Management

  • Employee Benefits

  • Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance

9) GreytHR

About the Platform:
Greytip HR Software provides relevant and cost-effective software solutions in the HR domain to companies worldwide. They have been in the operation from 2009 and Its powerful automation options and cost-effective nature make greytHR a preferred choice of 20,000+ brands around the world.

Whether the team has 5 or 50,000 members, we enable HR departments of all shapes and sizes to leverage it for both effectiveness and efficiency

Key features:

  • Employee information management

  • Leave and attendance management

  • Training appraisal

  • Compensations

  • Onboarding

10) Ramco HCM

About the Platform:
Ramco HCM is a revolutionary cloud HR software solution that automates traditional payroll transactions, enabling organizations to concentrate on their people rather than complex systems. From payroll management to time & attendance and integrations, Ramco simplifies the HR strategy, making it an accessible and hassle-free experience, fitting seamlessly into various business ecosystems.

Key features:

  • Payroll software

  • Managed payroll services

  • Time & attendance

  • HCM integration

Selecting the right HR software is an essential step towards efficiency and streamlined operations. Workplus HCM offers a tailored solution that aligns with diverse organizational needs. If you're considering a new HR platform, book a free demo with Workplus HCM.

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